In part 1 of this series, we discussed why our education system is lagging way behind, the need for change and the way forward through skill-based, e-learning to solve the many looming problems that exist across our schools and education institutions.

So, how can skill-based, e-learning address all the woes?

You might be wondering what exactly is e-learning, and how exactly it can solve our challenges?

E-learning is not a new phenomenon. It has been there for a long time, but schools and office spaces were reluctant to adopt it. Hence, not a lot of people are familiar with the concept.

When the pandemic shook the world, it shut down offices and schools.  Consequently, there was no other way to teach students and train employees other than using digital means.

Therefore, the world realized that it wasn’t as hard to adopt e-learning as initially thought. This created a ripple effect, and the world realized that e-learning is the way forward: not only because of COVID-19 but due to numerous other benefits it brings in.

Right now, we are increasingly seeing big tech companies creating “on-the-job” training courses, as an alternative for college, for those who know what they desire to do.

For example, If I am a high school senior and I want to go work in robot manufacturing after college, why would I go to college to learn traditional subjects?  Instead,  I can go to a 1-year or 6 months program, specifically targeted to give me the skills needed to land a job and ensure I have the right skills to succeed.

Just recently (I.e., last week of August 2020), Google launched the “Google Career Certificate” program. This includes various six month courses designed to teach high-income skills to participants. Now you don’t have to spend 4 years in a university to master the same skill.

Advantages of e-learning over traditional forms of learning and training

We have already discussed the biggest advantage of e-learning i.e., no need to unlock your coffers and spend a huge amount of money on a four year degree. You can now spend a few months and 1/4th the price to learn the same skill with higher chances of employability and succeeding in life.

Apart from that, e-learning comes with the following advantages which traditional classroom-based education system cannot come close to.

  1. You can access the content from anywhere you want- whether you are lying on your bed, enjoying the sip of coconut on a lovely beach, or in a co-working space. This freedom enhances the learning curve and allows the individual to understand the content of the e-learning program better.
  2. Gone are the days of one size fits all strategy. A single textbook will not suffice for all the students in a classroom or all the employees in an organization.

Instead, there is a need to adapt to different learning styles, and e-learning does that by offering a slew of courses to choose from. The individual then selects the best one as per his/her needs.

Modern e-learning systems even use AI to provide recommendations to the learner which has proved to work well in most cases.

How is ResilientU changing the world for the better?

ResilientU is an e-learning community of impact-driven individuals and expertise, providing accessible education to catapult humanity forward in the right direction.

We do this through skill-based career and personal growth programs that help individuals identify their skill-set, build upon their unique abilities, and continually level up at each step in the process.

The programs include not only the subjects that you would usually find in a college degree but also critical thinking and soft skills that are necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving world.

We simply aim to shake up the education business, updating and modernizing it to educate the next generation of students and set them up for lasting success nomatter which career field they decide to embark on. We teach relevant skills to live everyday life to the fullest.

The future of education will be drastically different from today!

There is no doubt that the current education system has failed students, past and present, to make the drastic shift because of the political landscape and being out of touch with what is needed to succeed in today’s world.

No wonder why only 13% of employees are engaged at work (Gallup Survey) despite graduating from top educational institutions of the world. No wonder why the world is much more polarized than ever before despite making rapid technological advancements.

We have cut through all of that to create something that is not bound by these system requirements and textbooks that are created by those who want to change how history played out for their own benefit, something that will truly set future students and companies up to thrive in the times ahead.

Until next time,

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