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The Playbook For Your Ideal Life

The Latest E-Book From The Author of Growing Into You

This e-book will unleash you to build your ideal life, on your terms

The Resilient Human Playbook Overview

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Know about why do some people thrive through adversity and change and others don't?
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Higher Education Institutions
Methodologies from this e-book are being used in Schools and Universities to help students identify the blueprint for their lives.
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Methodologies from this e-book are being used by organizations across the globe to help create thriving cultures and align the mission and values of people to achieve the organizations goals.
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Career Development Programs
Methodologies from this e-book are being used in career development programs in multiple countries to help participants prime their failure fitness for their career journey ahead.
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  • Persevere and tackle things heads on to make a positive impact on others along the way.
  • Explore and organize every critical area of your life by getting to the root of your beliefs, and develop a prioritized plan of how you will improve across each area.
  • Get to know how resilience shows up in your daily life.
  • Develop skills and character traits on your own terms and understand your definition of success, resulting in a a stronger, more resilient individual.
  • The Power of an abundance mindset and much more...

About The Author

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Greg Tomchick is a military family-born, former professional baseball player who uses the valuable lessons he has learned through baseball and business, to reinvent himself as a resilience architect, serving individuals and organizations across the globe.