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Join us on “The Connected Mindset ” as we deliver you the stories and strategies to embrace the transformative power of connectivity in every aspect of your life. Get ready to unlock your full potential and shape a future where connectivity becomes the cornerstone of your success and fulfillment.

A Connected Mindset is….being digitally conscious and aware so that you can better connect with the world around you.”

A Connected Mindset is….being digitally conscious and aware so that you can better connect with the around you.”

What To Expect

The Connected Mindset is a weekly show that will revolutionize your perception and utilization of connectivity. Join industry leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs as we explore the transformative impact of connectivity, from digital landscapes to meaningful relationships. Discover innovative approaches, emerging trends, and actionable strategies to thrive in a hyper-connected world. Tune in for invaluable wisdom and inspiration, unlocking untapped potential for success and fulfillment.

Join us on “The Connected Mindset” and become part of a global community that embraces connectivity as the catalyst for growth, innovation, and a truly interconnected future.

The Connected
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Connect to the mindsets that help you accomplish your wildest dreams. Through this playbook we bring you the mindsets from hundreds of interviews with leaders and our own breakthroughs. Start developing your connected mindset now!

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Greg Tomchick

Your Guide To A Connected Mindset

Greg Tomchick is a military family-born, former professional baseball player who used the valuable lessons he has learned through baseball and business to reinvent himself as a cybersecurity coach and author, where he now serves individuals and organizations across the globe.

Greg’s experiences being raised in military communities, playing baseball at the highest levels, to encountering his own struggles to adapt to life’s many obstacles, helped him discover the power of a Connected Mindset. After hundreds of interviews with leaders and experts, something that started as a way to discover what his version of success really looked like and how he could gain clarity on his purpose beyond professional baseball, Greg decided to release it to the world, in an effort to multiply the connected mindset to those that need it most.

Early in his professional endeavors, Greg made a drastic career pivot into the cybersecurity industry, having zero experience on his resume, to just a few years later reaching the highest professional ranks in the industry. Having advised more than 250 businesses, he is now the CEO of Valor Cybersecurity, where he leads a team of experts helping executives and their teams implement a culture of security and protection into their digital businesses.

Greg is a family-man, former professional baseball pitcher, cybersecurity expert, author, and international speaker who is constantly seeking to catapult himself and others in a positive direction.

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