We live in a connected world and mindset is what separates those that achieve their goals from those that don’t. When we adopt a connected mindset, we transcend the traditional boundaries and tap into a wealth of possibilities. Through our Daily Shift, we deliver you the mindsets from hundreds of interviews with leaders and our own breakthroughs. Start developing your connected mindset now!


To Enable You To Live With
More Conscious Clarity And Connection

Through our ups and downs; in our personal and family lives, in our business and work lives, in our interactions with technology on daily basis, we face a great deal of uncertainty. After many failed businesses, relationships, and growth misdirections, we decided to create a community platform that would help people and organizations, help themselves, to thrive during these adversities.

Through our stories, frameworks, and engaging programs, we enable you to adopt new mindsets by making actionable connections from the shared ideas and experiences of world-class individuals, thought leaders, and athletes who impact their world, in one way or another, through their unique stories. 

A Connected Mindset is….an intentional ability to consciously create your future with the necessary support.”

Simple Steps to A Connected Mindset

When You Decide to Improve Yourself
When you make the decision to step out of your comfort zone and realize that mindset is what will unleash you to push through any limits and allow you to be your fullest self for those that you love.
Discover Your Uniqueness
Discover the drivers and end goals behind your unique story that will propel you through any challenge ahead.
Establish Your Patterns
Establishing a living personal framework to fall back on and grow based on, will be one of the most important success factor for your success.
Exponential Growth
Perfection is a continual improvement process. The joy is in the journey, and we provide continual learning opportunities to revisit your priorities and give you the tools you need to take action.

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Greg Tomchick

Professional baseball to cybersecurity coach

Greg Tomchick is a military family-born, former professional baseball player who used the valuable lessons he has learned through baseball and business to reinvent himself as a cybersecurity coach and author, where he now serves individuals and organizations across the globe.

Greg’s experiences being raised in military communities, playing baseball at the highest levels, to encountering his own struggles to adapt to life’s many obstacles, helped him discover the power of a Connected Mindset. After hundreds of interviews with leaders and experts, something that started as a way to discover what his version of success really looked like and how he could gain clarity on his purpose beyond professional baseball, Greg decided to release it to the world, in an effort to multiply the connected mindset to those that need it most.

Early in his professional endeavors, Greg made a drastic career pivot into the cybersecurity industry, having zero experience on his resume, to just a few years later reaching the highest professional ranks in the industry. Having advised more than 250 businesses, he is now the CEO of Valor Cybersecurity, where he leads a team of experts helping executives and their teams implement a culture of security and protection into their digital businesses.

Greg is a family-man, former professional baseball pitcher, cybersecurity expert, author, and international speaker who is constantly seeking to catapult himself and others in a positive direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a connected mindset so vital in today’s world? It’s because the interconnectedness of business, life, and the internet presents a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to thrive. When we adopt a connected mindset, we transcend the traditional boundaries and tap into a wealth of possibilities.

In business, connectivity is the key to innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. It enables us to leverage emerging technologies, foster meaningful relationships, and create synergies across industries. A connected mindset allows us to stay agile in a rapidly changing landscape, identify new trends and opportunities, and make informed decisions that drive success.

Beyond the business realm, connectivity also has a profound impact on our personal lives. It bridges geographical distances, connects us with diverse perspectives, and enables us to build supportive communities. A connected mindset encourages us to seek balance, embrace lifelong learning, and nurture our well-being in an increasingly interconnected world.

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I am so glad that you decided to take this first step and dive deeper into conscious clarity and connection in your business and life! Our recommended next step is to complete the exercises within our FREE e-book, The Connected Mindset Playbook and craft the vision for your ideal life. We walk our members through this in all of our programs. After you write your playbook, we will guide you through an action taking process with continual checkpoints to stay on track.

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