Develop your resilience with these simple tips

Resilience is the ability to adapt in real time from setbacks and to continue on towards achieving the goal at hand. Simply bouncing back is not usually enough if you don’t continue pursuing the issues in-front of you. Some people are naturally more resilient than others; only because they have trained themselves to have the appropriate attitude and perspective to allow them to pivot and make effective decisions when obstacles are thrown in their path. You can build resilience as well or develop your mental strength to deal with problems in every aspect of your life; whether it be in your career, school work or personal life.

Learn problem solving to be more resilient

One of the main way to build resilience is to learn how to solve problems. Your ability to solve things will enable you to stay in the moment even when you feel like giving up. If you can’t solve them, find a solution elsewhere, outsource a function if possible. Learn to work with whatever you have to find solutions to what is holding you back. It is about not easily giving in to problems. There’s always a solution.  Let’s say you start a business like a restaurant and you are not getting as many customers as you wish. It’s now 5 months since you started it and you are almost closing shop because clients are not coming through. You can decide to close it and go home or you might want to try an advertisement, or home delivery or offers, or changing the menu. If you could hang on for a few months, you can run into a little bit of success. It is about finding a way to succeed when you are at the deep end.

In whatever you do, you have to realize that success is not usually a common situation at the beginning of anything in life but mostly becomes apparent towards the end.

It’s when you are just about to give up that you are likely to find a breakthrough solution to the problem in-front of you.

Like the old adage, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The biggest companies on the planet probably didn’t make any profit in their first year of business. Had they closed or given up on the business because of low profits, you would’nt be using their amazing products today. Coca-Cola did not achieve their desired targets in the begining of starting the soft-drink giant, never used to  until they changed how they bottle soda and improve their advertising, that’s when they started seeing real results.

Yes, there is a time to give up on certain things in life, where it is defined as insane to keep going, but if it is something you truely believe in and is true to who you desire to become, do not give up, use your internal resilience to help you power through.

You are not unique in your struggles, don’t take it personally that you are getting rejections, maybe all you need to do is just ask one more time or make one more call and you can get a yes. Look at how book authors go-round with their manuscripts looking for publishers before they find one who accepts to publish their work. You only fail when you give up.

In the corporate setting, work can get tough. And it is not the smartest employee who thrives during such times, it is the one well equipped with the mental strength to stay put despite the pressure and find a solution around complex situations. A weak employee would fold under high pressure while a tough one would stay calm and navigate through the rough times until the end. The ability to handle highly intense work situations is one that is very important in some professionals like the military or stock market. A trader can make daily losses for a long time till he makes the right bet once and gains ten times more than he has lost. He doesn’t get ego hits from the small losses he acquires.

You will not build resilience overnight if you lack it, this is a quality that you can develop within you with time. Some companies have training for their employees on crisis management, and how to get around tough issues like public relations disasters. All you need to grow to be a resilient person is willpower. Don’t let things stop you from going on and push on towards results. It is not about getting up and staying stagnant in the same position. You get up and look for a small win; it’s the small wins that will keep you going as you gain better reference points.

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Build Resilience Before You Need It with Greg Tomchick

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