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Greg Tomchick is a military family-born, former professional baseball player who used the valuable lessons he has learned through baseball and business to reinvent himself as a cybersecurity coach and author, where he now serves individuals and organizations across the globe.

Greg’s experiences being raised in military communities, playing baseball at the highest levels, to encountering his own struggles to adapt to life’s many obstacles, helped him discover the power of a Connected Mindset. After hundreds of interviews with leaders and experts, something that started as a way to discover what his version of success really looked like and how he could gain clarity on his purpose beyond professional baseball, Greg decided to release it to the world, in an effort to multiply the connected mindset to those that need it most.

Early in his professional endeavors, Greg made a drastic career pivot into the cybersecurity industry, having zero experience on his resume, to just a few years later reaching the highest professional ranks in the industry. Having advised more than 250 businesses, he is now the CEO of Valor Cybersecurity, where he leads a team of experts helping executives and their teams implement a culture of security and protection into their digital businesses.

Greg is a family-man, former professional baseball pitcher, author, international speaker, and cybersecurity expert who is constantly seeking to catapult himself and others in a positive direction.

Quotable Comments

Greg has the unique ability to connect to the audience through stories and sports. Business is a sport that many of us play but just crack it up to our work. When we adopt the connected mindset that athletes have our business rapidly shifts for the better.

Adam Kasix

Business Transformation

Wow! I never knew what a connected mindset really entailed. Our world is connected everywhere we look, there are threats and opportunities everywhere. When Greg spoke with our team everyone walked away with a renewed focus on personal and professiona growth.

James Green

CEO, Illuminate Advisory

Program Description

The Connected Mindset:
Protecting What You Value Most

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, connectivity is more than a buzzword; it’s a business imperative. “The Connected Mindset: Protecting What You Value Most” is a talk designed to revolutionize how you perceive and utilize connectivity, focusing on mindset, business, and people. With a perfect blend of strategic insight, actionable solutions, and human-centric values, this presentation promises to equip your organization with the tools needed to navigate the complex landscape of today’s digital world, safeguarding what matters most.

The future is interconnected, and embracing a connected mindset is the catalyst for growth, innovation, and success. Invest in a session that goes beyond theory, providing your team with practical insights, knowledge, and inspiration.

Investing in “The Connected Mindset” talk is more than a commitment to professional development; it’s a strategic move towards shaping an organization that thrives in today’s interconnected landscape. By infusing the principles of connectivity into every facet of your business—from leadership to team collaboration, from cybersecurity to customer relationships—you are unlocking untapped potential for success and fulfillment. Greg Tomchick’s insights not only guide executives but resonate throughout the entire company, cultivating a culture that’s resilient, innovative, and aligned with core values. Elevate your organization’s performance and influence by embracing a connected mindset, an approach that has transformed the world’s leading companies and can do the same for yours.


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Greg Tomchick blends inspiration with actionable insights in a speaking style that captivates and empowers. Drawing from real world experiences and innovative strategies, he provides clear, practical guidance that can be immediately implemented. His talks are more than informative; they are a call to action, inspiring audiences to make meaningful change while equipping them with the tools to do so.




We live in a connected world and mindset is what separates those that achieve their goals from those that don’t. When we adopt a connected mindset, we transcend the traditional boundaries and tap into a wealth of possibilities. Through this playbook we bring you the mindsets from hundreds of interviews with leaders and our own breakthroughs. Start developing your connected mindset now!


Fee Schedule

US, Canada, and Mexico

60 – 90 Minute Keynote
Half day (up to 4 hours)
Full Day (up to 8 hours)
2 Full Days

$ 3,500
$ 5,000
$ 7,500
$ 12,500

Non-Profit and Education*

60 -90 Minute Keynote
Half day (up to 4 hours)

$ 2,000
$ 3,500


*Please call for pricing on custom programs.

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