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Feeling confused, overwhelmed, information overloaded, a lack of clarity, or unconnected from others, we have all been there. By leveraging the right mindsets, learning from the right people, and following proven systems, you can build a lasting legacy in business and in life. Greg and his team help digitally protect what you value most, while mentoring the next generation of cyber warriors.

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Empower Yourself Online: A Comprehensive Guide to Cybersecurity for Everyday People to Protect Your Digital Life

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Greg Tomchick

Professional baseball to cybersecurity coach

Greg Tomchick is a military family-born, former professional baseball player who used the valuable lessons he has learned through baseball and business to reinvent himself as a cybersecurity coach and author, where he now serves individuals and organizations across the globe.

Greg’s experiences being raised in military communities, playing baseball at the highest levels, to encountering his own struggles to adapt to life’s many obstacles, helped him discover the power of a Connected Mindset. After hundreds of interviews with leaders and experts, something that started as a way to discover what his version of success really looked like and how he could gain clarity on his purpose beyond professional baseball, Greg decided to release it to the world, in an effort to multiply the connected mindset to those that need it most.

Early in his professional endeavors, Greg made a drastic career pivot into the cybersecurity industry, having zero experience on his resume, to just a few years later reaching the highest professional ranks in the industry. Having advised more than 250 businesses, he is now the CEO of Valor Cybersecurity, where he leads a team of experts helping executives and their teams implement a culture of security and protection into their digital businesses.

Greg is a family-man, former professional baseball pitcher, cybersecurity expert, author, and international speaker who is constantly seeking to catapult himself and others in a positive direction.

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Why I Do What I Do


fourty-seven percent of current jobs will disappear by 2030

1 in 4

individuals across the globe will experience mental health problems this year.


3.5 million unfilled jobs, globally, in cybersecurity


average increase in revenue and employee fulfillment for companies and individuals who participate in mindset training on an annual basis.

What is a ‘Connected Mindset’?

A Connected Mindset is….being digitally conscious and aware so that you can better connect with the around you.”

A Connected Mindset is….being digitally conscious and aware so that you can better connect with the around you.”

The Connected
Mindset Playbook

Discover Conscious Clarity and Connection

The Connected
Mindset Playbook

Discover Conscious Clarity and Connection

What Our Community Is Saying


“Wow! It's amazing what happens when you are in your lane. I was struggling to find what I really enjoyed, I found Greg's connected mindset community and dove right in. With 4 months, I landed the first job I actually enjoy and got a promotion 2 months later to over six-figures.”
Ryan Murphy
Business Marketer
“Mindset is a cornerstone of everything that I do in the health business. I never knew how to speak to my passion for it. Now I am able to tell my story better than ever before. The reason I am in this business, the how I can serve people, and ultimately what activities make me the most fulfilled in this industry, on my own terms.”
Jessica French
Health Coach
“I have always been into personal, and self-development, this program experience and program provide you with so much more than that. Greg and his team take a personal growth approach to helping individuals get their ideal career. It is not cookie cutter at all."
Sam Smith
Venture Capital Investor
“I was on autopilot in an IT career, right out of college, once I found Greg’s community, it was exactly the knowledge and support I needed to pivot into the cybersecurity industry, a month after taking joining I landed a job at a hot start-up and exactly where I want to be. Thanks Greg Tomchick!”
Jason Burner
IT Analyst To Cybersecurity Consultant